Bolanos Female Figure

100 BC to 250 AD

 13″ tall

A gorgeous Bolanos female figure from Jalisco, Mexico. This large example is sculpted in the birthing pose and slipped in the typical white color with incredible painted details.

She is depicted on her knees with hands on her belly. This is symbolic in Meso-American cultures and refers to fertility. Her face shows a very calm and serene expression, and she is painted in the typical geometric style for the type.

These sculptures are very similar and often confused with Chinesco Type E figures. They both share the same white slip and general sculpting qualities, but differ in the painted decoration. The Bolanos pieces are much more intricate and rarer. In fact, these are the rarest of all West Mexican figures.

 Its condition sets it apart from most of the others, as it is perfect, with no repairs or restoration. 

Ex Dr R Fernandez MD collection. Acquired in the 1940s.



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