Colima Jaguar Incensario

100 BC to 250 AD

13″ tall by 13″ long

A large and rare Comala jaguar incensario from Colima, Mexico. This piece is wonderfully sculpted with fine detailing.

The feline has large eyes, pointed ears, an elongated snout and an open mouth with exposed fangs. The muscle structure on the body is also well done with a great deal of realism throughout. The openings in the mouth and side of the body served as the firing hole. 

A large olla with circular openings is placed on his back. The holes allowed air to feed the burning incense that was placed inside.  

This piece was primarily used by shaman and during important ceremonies. Jaguars, in Mesoamerica, have always been associated with the Underworld and with royalty or elite status. 

Ex Meza family collection from Whittier, California. Acquired in the 1960s. 



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