Maya Jaina Old Monkey God Whistle

550 AD to 850 AD

4 3/4″ tall

An extremely rare Maya whistle in the form of the Old Monkey God from Jaina Island in Campeche, Mexico. 

Jaina Island was the site to very complex and elaborate Maya burials for the elite and the ceramics buried in the area are a refleciton of that. They are very intricate, detailed and highly collectible. 

This whistle was made using a very detailed mold with complex iconography. The Old Monkey God was the patron god of Maya scribes. He holds a rattle in one hand and makes a noble gesture with his other. Age lines on his face complete the visuals. He wears a complex pectoral. 

There are remnants of Maya blue and red paint, along with stucco. 

Ex Robert Banks collection from Maryland. Collected in the 1970s. 

This piece is in as found conditon with no repairs or restoration. A small loss to his hair tie on the right from perfect. These were all low fired and its rare to find one in this condition. 


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